My delicious mistake

Those words were once stucked in my mouth just as my heart was exploding
making more noise than a heavy storm, making me silly and making me do more mistakes just to fill that goddamn hole I felt missing you.

Today, just today, maybe tomorrow, but certainly not yestarday or the day before that, these words can be read in past tense.

I cannot pay attention in nothing anymore
nothing, besides you, my mistake
In every breath,
in every desire,
in every dream,
in every melody,
in every single beauty in nature
in every tasted flavor
The only thing I can see,
and feel
is you, my delicious mistake
With eyes wide open
or totally closed…
with skies cleaned
or colored like a dead Tv channel….
With a cold weather,
or even the hottest one…
All I wish is to stay one more night with you,
my mistake…
my delicious and well done secreat.
Regreat nothing
and pray every night, every moment I have alone
yeah, I pray that you dont regreat it too…
I pray to heaven that you miss me just like I'm missing you
Because I dont wish nothing more but you
My perfect secreat…. the delicious mistake I got.
I just wish, every time my mind goes peaceful
that we could be together
that everything stopped to matter
Oh! Please, dont go…
In every breath,
in every desire,
in every dream,
in every sweet melody I hear…
All I wish is to be with you
even for a couple of days in every month
just to call you mine
and hear you say I'm yours.
To have your kisses,
oh, that tastes just goddamn fine!
To be hugged by you with your arms,
feeling safe as I feel my adrenaline reaching high…
To hear you say I'm yours…
and call you mine.
Oh please, (dont you never) come back (anymore...)