Letter to Marie

Um dos fragmentos do livro - a carta encontrada por Zeke nos escombros do incêndio que se deu após o rapto dos três.

"My lovely Marie,

For many years and countless hours, at random times of day and night, you were the main fuel to my imagination, the reason for all sorts of words, lines, sketches, curves, blurred ideas and perfectly made and lost pieces of art done by me.
I know now I might spend this one more life without actually getting to know you, face to face, but I thank any God up there for even the idea of you ever coming up to my mind.

This won't be another sad letter and I will no longer mumble and silently sing prayers apologising to you, me and everyone/thing else. 
You know the words asking for forgiveness are pure, real and honest - if you don't, you know it now.

Know I loved and love you with every single cell of my body. 
You gave me hope when there seemed to have none. You also taught me different versions of life.
Taught and forced me to truly learn to forgive - and you also got me to forgive. 
But... It is time to let go. What is done can't be undone, but one should never give up on anything in life. Know I've also never given up on you.
Please know there will be a little bit of you in every new page I'll ever write. 

In a way, in my heart and dreams, you'll live forever.

Love you endless,