First Water Drop

I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing, but it already feels good.
Have deleted facebook, suspended WhatsApp (for a couple of days only) and broke up the relationship that shouldn't have started in the first place. I'm so sorry that the friendship might not last, I'll understand.

Anyhow, life carries on. And like I said, whenever I miss facebook, I'll post something in here, even though no one reads (guess that can also be something good).

Among the things to get done, I've come to realise, finally, after all this time, I can't stay in England anymore. Doesn't matter how free and more independent I am here, which is basically two things that I've always seeked in life... I will never be trully free and independent when I can't even settle down on a home because the housing prices and situation are so unhuman.

And can't be USA as I can't legally work in there. Canada could be, but I can only legally work there for 6months, so Canada would only be experience, cultural exchange and a quick stop before a new start somewhere else.

It is true that I could simply move to anywhere in Europe and live there, but I'm not sure how would be the housing, job and life-actually in there. Would be an uncertain start. Something perfectly doable if I was on my early twenties still, which ain't the case (I'm turning 25 on Valentine's day). So, guess I'll be back at the melting hot, sunny burnt, beautiful yet tragic, home - Brazil.

The plan? To get a job, drive (with confidence lol), go back to Uni and complete a post-grad related to my work field, get a better job, carry on with life, achieve and achieve. Damn, I have no idea what I want for my life on a long term goal.

Anyway, I got obsessed with a new song (please read 'new-for-me'):