Good Morning Love Note

"I love you so much! 
I can not even figure out this life without you. I love it when you're around me: dressed top to bottom, beautiful and produced like a top model, with a top brand and that powerful, mind trapping looking of yours; or completely naked, wearing nothing but a smile, highlighting your soulful eyes, making breath takingly better the picture of your curvy figure and soft skin  - you have nothing to hide. I also love it when you come to me with a big smile, feeling light, happy, joyful, all perky and full of energy & life, but also admire the moments when you come to me to burst in tears and free yourself a little from the pain in your heart and soul.
So, come on, beautiful one. Stay with me today and just for today, forget about work, forget all duties. Leave for later the plans and projects you have. Go get a bottle of water and a fruit basket, because you will still need histrionic and no one should stay a day without eating.
Just for today, ignore the alarm and stay... here... with me." - My Bed.