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"Humans...", she said with a hint annoyance, upset and disappointment in her voice, as she stared down the hill, pointing towards them so the little girl could see.
"They can't be that bad", she replied with a sweet smile, her soulful eyes staring far away before she slowly started standing her hands and whispering something softly, as images of several people started to float in the air, as if it was a scene from a film, their voices sounding low as they spoke. "See? They are just living their lives", said the little girl.
"Calata", said the lady, and the voices stoped. "You must mute the microphone first, otherwise they will hear you", she explained. 
"What happens if they do?", she asked, closing her hands together and making the images disappear as she looked up to the lady with curiosity.
"They wouldn't know who's speaking, they'd go crazy with ideas that are not theirs, believing on something beyond their capability of understanding & we should never play with someone's conscience, mind and heart." 

A simple fragment from another day...

It was one of days, you know? When everything that could have gone wrong, went worse then the expected. World was falling on your shoulders, crumbling around you more & more as we walked on the street... I know, I was there, I could see it. You were not fine, but 'giving up' was never something for you. So you were still here. 
And there you were, standing under the rain & staring at the grey sky, with the bridge, crowded by everyone that was passing by escaping from the rain, right in front of you, an arm distance away.
You were out there to get wet. And it wasn't your honey coloured hair or your beautiful silky pale skin or the perfect symmetries of your face along with the most fascinating eyes I've ever seen. No. It was something about the smile, wide, spontaneous, beautiful, but not it alone, as it is just all a reflection of your soul.